Importance of Video Camera Surveillance in a Workplace

Importance of Video Camera Surveillance in a Workplace

The security of the workplace is a major concern for not only the employees but also for the customers, and employers in a customer based working environment. Whether you’re an employee or employer, video surveillance can be of help in several ways. In other words, video surveillance is of importance to both employees and employers. If you are a business owner then your investment can benefit from video surveillance security.

You might have read and heard many times how the installation of CCTV cameras at retail stores, high street shops, or offices have considerably reduced violence, theft, workplace accidents, as well as other criminal activities. Video surveillance offers a far greater chance of recovery and conviction in the event of a robbery or theft than other methods that business owners use.

Protect the Company

Video surveillance help to record acts criminals that vandalize company property, and acts of theft by employees. In addition, surveillance cameras put off dishonest employees and criminals from stealing company property, or merchandises. When criminals or dishonest employees find surveillance cameras installed in the workplace, they are discouraged from carrying out any criminal activity.

Employees’ Protection

Video surveillance cameras provide protection for employees in the workplace both indirectly and directly. The cameras can record criminal activities in company parking lots and aid security personnel to make sure that employees get to their vehicles safely. Instances of harassment or abuses of a customer by an employee or another employee can also be recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Security personnel can watch live happenings on monitors from the images being broadcast by surveillance cameras while such incidents take place. As a result, they can rush to rescue the employee/customers being attacked or bullied. Surveillance cameras indirectly protect employees by keeping a video record of visitors and monitoring any suspicious activities by persons who come into a building of a company or office. This helps to ensure the greater employees safety of in the workplace.

Productivity and Performance

Employees can feel secure in the workplace when they are assured that surveillance cameras can minimize the chances of being accused unfairly of bullying, stealing, job negligence, or using drugs in the workplace. This helps in creating awareness among employees to undertake jobs accordingly with full knowledge that all actions are being monitored on camera.

Customer Records

Retail businesses use video surveillance cameras to monitor what their customers do. For instance, if a client ends up claiming to have bought an expensive item but doesn’t have the receipt, surveillance records can in such a case be used to know whether they were in the premises on the exact day in question and if they really did buy the item.

Video surveillance will clarify a transaction between a store employee and a client. If the client is looking for financial recompense because they claim an employee was rude to them, and the video evidence proves otherwise, the business can, in turn, present its evidence in order to support the case of its employee. Business can save billions of dollars that lost every year by using video surveillance cameras to prevent them.

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