Are HD-TVI Security Cameras Better than Analog CCTV Cameras?

Are HD-TVI Security Cameras Better than Analog CCTV Cameras?

In order to understand the better security camera among the HD-TVI security cameras and Analog CCTV cameras, one must know each of the two types of security cameras first.

Analog CCTV Cameras

To begin with, CCTV stands for closed circuit television and this technology has been used for more than 90 percent of the security cameras around the world over more than 20 years. It was before network IP cameras and HD over coax cameras such as HD-TVI came into being.

Analog CCTV cameras can record direct to a video tape recorder and the video tape recorder can record analog signals as pictures.

The Analog camera supports 960 X 480 pixels, which is 960H in other words.

HD-TVI Camera

The HD-TVI is a high definition video standard that is used in few of the latest 1080p security cameras. It helps installers to utilize the same RG6 and RG59 coax cable, which analog CCTV installations use. One can upgrade from an analog CCTV systems to an HD system, as in most cases users can leverage their current cable infrastructure. HD-TVI supports the video resolution of 1080p. HD-TVI is basically a transport technology and a digital signal processing for videos that are used in DVRs and HD security cameras. In 2014, a company named Techpoint developed the TVI standard.

The HD-TVI camera supports 1920 X 1080 pixels or 1080p.

Image Quality

The analog signals are recorded to a video tape recorder. The tape, in order to operate continuously, must run at a slow speed because to allow a three-hour long tape to run 24 hours, it must be set to play based on a time lapse which is generally four frames per second. It means that in a single second the camera scene can change greatly. Further, an image captured by the analog camera is stretched in such a way that a particular object or a person appears to be far away from the camera. This is one of the most disappointing features of this camera.

Low Light and Zero Light conditions

Both Analog CCTV camera and HD-TVI cameras are capable of capturing black & white video in zero and low light conditions. A TVI camera is available with a built-in infrared capability.

Camera Lens Options

The TVI cameras support a range of varifocal and fixed lens options. With the help of a varifocal lens, the user can adjust the zoom level or the angle of view of the lens as compared to a fixed lens that has a single setting only that is pre-focussed and fixed.

One can expect a far better quality while using a good quality TVI camera with DVR.

When it is about clarity and resolution, HD-TVI score over the analog CCTV. HD-TVI gives the surveillance system a high definition video quality. There are certainly people who have been using Analog CCTV systems and now want to upgrade from it. In that case, one should look into a hybrid DVR that is capable of handling both the camera types. This is an excellent way to leverage the existing cameras and upgrade to high definition at the same time.


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