How to Securely Dispose of Old Personal or Business Hard Drives

How to Securely Dispose of Old Personal or Business Hard Drives

Individuals and businesses carry out upgrades of their computer systems. Sometimes old computers are carelessly disposed of and this practice has been a source of security breaches. When you throw out or even give out an old computer without permanently erasing the information on it, you are exposing yourself to identity theft. When such hard drives get into the possession of hackers or thieves, they can recover all the deleted information by using sophisticated data recovery programs. Thus, there’s a need for a more secure approach to keeping your old hard drives safe from breaches. This is why you need to use an HDD drive destruction service. Using a computer disc drive destruction service is the ideal choice whenever you want to get rid of highly confidential information for the following reasons.

1. They Offer Secure Data Disposal: Using a disc drive destruction service ensures that the information contained will never be accessed by hackers or identity thieves. This is because the hard drive is broken down into small metal pieces using blades attached to rotary drums. To get the picture, imagine how a wood chipper works. The computer drives are tossed into a chute where the blades grind them into small pieces. Following the pulverization, the different parts are then sorted using a magnet to separate the metals and sending the other materials for recycling.

2. They Comply With Rigorous Standards: Given the significance of data security in our society today, there are strict guidelines and regulations governing how businesses handle information supplied by customers. These new standards stipulate that businesses that handle personal and sensitive information must dispose of the information properly. In line with these regulations, the most secure way of getting rid of redundant hard drives without compromising information is to completely destroy the drives physically. HDD destruction services are well equipped for this and in addition to doing satisfactory jobs, they also issue Certificates of Destruction (COD) to serve as proof that the hard drives were properly disposed of.

3. They are Better than Erasure Options: From time to time, institutions, businesses, and other setups typically need to properly get rid of large quantities of hard drives that contain sensitive and personal information. These are usually carried out during upgrades. Considering the process involved, using a destruction service is better than an erasure programs. For instance, erasing just a 30 gig hard drive takes some time and when you factor in the hard drives that we have today (newer and larger and take hours to erase), it’s simply not practical when you have a fair number of hard drives to dispose of. In such instances, using an HDD destruction service is the logical option. In addition to being practical, they also offer better security and peace of mind.

Many companies who have customers sensitive information on them such as their social security numbers, credit card records, and other personal information so if they decide to upgrade their computer system they want to make sure that when they recycle the old computers that all of this sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. The data that is on the disk is not permanently removed unless you do one thing and that is removed it deliberately yourself through one of two ways.

Degaussing-this is the process of eliminating or decreasing a remnant magnetic field such as the hard disk drive of your computer and wipes the media from it so it can be safely and securely disposed of.

Physical disk destruction this is where you render the platters severely fragmented and the disk inoperable.

If you are concerned about any sensitive data being left on your hard drive when you recycle it then the physical destruction of the disk is the best method of protection. It is also referred to as hard drive shredding and is a secure way of disposal. By doing this you are getting rid of confidential data by overwriting the deleted files. You want to make sure that the data that you have erased from your hard disk cannot be recovered anymore by anyone once you have deleted it.

When deciding to do hard drive shredding you need to be careful about the kind of software you use to complete this task. If you chose file shredding it will let you choose the file that you want to be removed and will only remove that particular file but nothing has been permanently removed and the file can be recovered. With hard drive shredding or data destruction, it is the only way to remove completely any remnant data on a disk by using methods to get the remaining data and making it unrecoverable by anyone else.


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