What You Should Know When Choosing The Best Security Camera for Home Use

What You Should Know When Choosing The Best Security Camera for Home Use

If you really want to protect your home to the fullest, then it’s important that you choose the best security cameras and video security system that could monitor everything. However, the question is, how can you even choose the best one for your home? There are a lot of security cameras out there, and so, deciding which one to pick can be overwhelming. Here’s what you should know.

1. Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are perfect for those who simply want to monitor the perimeter of their home. They could be HD-TVI, Analog CCTV, or IP technologies. As for the megapixels, it could range from 1.3-5.0 megapixels, but could also be higher than that. This type of CCTV camera is perfect for those who are on a budget but would still want to have complete monitoring in their home. You can also install them under the eaves of the roof, and you’ll have a clear view of the outdoor areas– driveway, backyard, and front yard.

2. Dome Cameras

The good thing about dome cameras is that they’re aesthetically pleasing and easily blend well with the environment. Also, they come with wide angle lenses, allowing you to monitor large areas, such as backyards, front yards, and driveways. It could also be used in monitoring doorways, hallways, and other areas that have diverse lighting conditions– as long as you’ll get the WDR dome camera.For outdoor dome cameras, they usually feature an IP66 or higher weather-rated enclosure to serve as protection against various particles and inclement weather condition that could potentially damage the camera. Additionally, since the camera lens of dome cameras is obscured, it’s almost impossible for thieves to avoid being caught by this camera.

3. Infrared Cameras

These are surveillance cameras that could also be used during nighttime. Thus, it provides round-the-clock security. Also, most IR cameras come with a built-in IR led that allows it to see clearly even in very dark places. They also feature a Smart IR, as well as Full Frame illumination. That means, even in low lights, you’ll still have a clear view of what is being monitored. That’s why this type of camera has been proven to offer 24/7 protection and is perfect for monitoring your house, especially at night.

4. Hidden Cameras

For those who want a surveillance camera that isn’t easily noticeable, then a spy camera is what you’re looking for. It provides an additional layer of protection because you can easily hide it among common household items, such as smoke detectors, thermostat, flood lights, clocks, picture frames, and much more. They easily blend well with the surroundings that they’re the ideal monitoring device for catching thieves and perpetrators. Also, considering the fact that they’re unlikely to be seen, they can’t get tampered nor vandalized.

Final Words

If you want to fully protect your family and property, it’s very important that you choose a security camera that would meet all your needs and be able to monitor your activities around the clock. If you still don’t know which camera to choose, you can always consult a professional and ask for help.


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